Grace And Grooves Blog List Of Articles

Grace And Grooves LLC

Blog List Of Articles : (From Newest To Oldest–Scroll Down)

  1. ALL Recitals Of Grace And Grooves
  2. Time-Line of Grace And Grooves LLC
  3. Is Learning Language Required To Learn Dances ? NEW…
  4. Trained & Untrained Teachers – Difference by Hetal Nagaraj
  5. Student of The Year – Updated Annually.
  6. Competitions Counted On Our Lists.
  7. Salutations to Darpana Academy of Performing Arts (Ahmedabad-India) & Trainings.
  8. Grace And Grooves LLC, Names, Logo(s) – Updated As Required
  9. Recital 2017: Celebration of Life Featuring JALSO (NRITYA KI MASTI).
  10. Past Interns and Visiting Faculties w/Grace And Grooves
  11.  Musical Dance Drama 2017(Public) 
  12. Creative School-Fun Projects
  13.  List of Performances 2015 and Before
  14.  Early Training of Our Founding Member-Raised With Standards
  15. Recital 2016 : Dance of Gods Featuring ADI-SHAKTI
  16.  Bollywood Fever…. since 2015!
  17.  ELITE: Expensive or Quality?
  18.  Creativity In Performing Arts (Folk): Embrace Or Not?
  19. Our Story – How, when…. Grace And Grooves Started. And Why us ?
  20. 1999…. Entering Freelance Private Group Choreography.  
  21. Past Volunteers And Staff
  22. Dance like nobody’s watching OR dance like everybody’s watching? 

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